Why DCP?

  • Best Image and Sound Quality

    DCP is the highest-quality digital exhibition format available. It far exceeds consumer formats such as DVD and Blu-Ray by up to 20x the quality. It is more stable and reliable than other codecs such as ProRes and H.264, not only because of a better image compression technique but also because these formats can look different when played by different computers. And it far exceeds legacy formats like BetaCam and HDCam because of its chroma subsampling.

  • More durable

    DCP isn’t susceptible to mold, fungus, scratching, dust, or other problems that plague everything from 35mm prints to Blu-Ray discs. And because solid-state DCPs have no moving parts, they’re not likely to stutter or fall victim to mechanical failure.

  • More Secure

    With a print or a DVD, anyone can open up your film, an action that can have potentially devastating effects from piracy to media damage. Even when unencrypted, DCPs are only openable on enterprise software and specialized media servers housed in professional theaters. When you send out a DCP, you have an extra layer of peace-of-mind.

“Jon was extremely responsive and attentive. I am new to this world, and he was able to explain the procedures in a way that didn’t make me feel dumb!”Katie B.

Why PenguinDCP?

  • Fair Prices

    We provide the best bang for your buck of any pro DCP company in North America. We believe in charging reasonable rates so that the DCP format can be enjoyed by the biggest-budget superhero movies and the smallest-budget indie shorts.

  • Professionally Made

    When it comes to the film you’ve poured your heart into, the last thing you want to do is have it fail minutes before your big moment. When the stakes are this high, you deserve to have the peace of mind that your DCP is made and tested on professional software.

  • Easy, Secure, Global

    PenguinDCP offers the most streamlined DCP order system of any company in the business. Plus, our credit card processing system is PCI Level 1 compliant, the highest level of credit card processing security. Not in America? No problem: we accept orders from more than 200 countries and in 18 currencies from any major credit card.

PenguinDCP made the process easy by interacting quickly with both my technical assistant and me. They were incredibly helpful from start to finish.Isaiah S.

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